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Trimagic’s extensive experience in providing records management solutions to a wide range of commercial, government and not-for-profit organisations has shown us that each organisation has its own unique records management requirements in addition to any legal obligations to which it may be subject.


This experience has enabled us to produce the Trimagic Records and Knowledge Management System (TRAKS), which not only includes the most commonly sought after features such as disposal scheduling and document tracking, but is also easily customisable to meet your individual requirements.


If, however, you do not need the power of TRAKS, we are just as experienced in providing smaller-scale customised Windows- and browser-based solutions, or even a single database just to get you started.


Recent solutions

The following is a brief overview of a recent records management project to give you an idea of how a Trimagic solution can help you. 


State emergency services - records management system


The information challenge

With volunteers actively involved in potentially hazardous situations, good record keeping practices are essential, even life-saving, for this state emergency services. Records are kept on operational reports, risk assessments, accident reports, committee findings and so on.  Other documentation includes records of liaison with the Bureau of Meteorology, Road Transport Authority, the police and ambulance services, media releases and grants funding for vehicle, buildings and small projects. Furthermore, the records officer never knows when a document will be needed.


The services needed a replacement for legacy records management databases, which were unreliable, resulting in several failures, including a watershed occasion when all records became temporariy inaccessible. Each time a failure occurred the system had to be taken to a vendor for fixing and each fix meant time lost and money spent. The system was also difficult to use, so that often only the records manager could find a record. In addition, the services' IT department's time and resources were both severely stretched.


The Trimagic solution

A customised TRAKS hosted at the Trimagic Data Centre proved to be the ideal solution for the services. The system's integrated Keyword AAA and GDA7, GDA12 and GA28 schedules facilitated legal compliancy, the browser-based streamlined interfaces meant that it was easy to use by not only the records officer, but also all other services staff, and the records officer was able to manage efficiently and effectively the movement of services-critical paper and electronic documents.


Trimagic Data Cente hosting meant that demands on the service's internal IT department were removed entirely. Authorised staff now have 24/7/365 access to the system. At the same time reliability is assured with support provided by the Trimagic Help Line.

Contact us

If you would like a TRAKS demonstration, or want more information on our records management solutions, please contact us on +61 (0)2 6550 1175, or complete our Information Request Form. You can also download a TRAKS product brochure.

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