Information and Library Management

Legal, financial, health, engineering or government organisation, one-person library or national information centre, whatever your information and library management needs, we can work with you to provide a solution to meet your requirements.


Our flagship library management system, the Trimagic Information Management System (TIMS) has evolved in direct response to market requirements over the last 20 years. TIMS is web-based, offering user-friendly access to your library system quickly and easily through a browser.


If, however, you do not need the power of TIMS, we are just as experienced in providing smaller-scale customised Windows- and browser-based solutions, or even a single database just to get you started.


Our slimlib OPAC, for example, is just the solution for DB/Text Works users who want to provide their customers with Internet access to a library catalogue, but don’t have Web Publisher Pro or the necessary IT infrastructure.


Recent solutions

The following are brief overviews of recent information and library management projects to give you an idea of how a Trimagic solution can help you.


Australian Council for Educational Research - customised TIMS library management system


The information challenge

The Cunningham Library is a special library supporting the staff of the Australian Council for Educational Research as well as its own Cunningham Library members. In addition, the library produces and generates income from a range of database products, including the Australian Education Index, the Australasian Education Directory and the Education Research Theses database. As seasoned Inmagic users, library staff were happy with the flexibility of their DB/Text Works and Web Publisher Pro-based library management system, but the time had come for an upgrade!


The Trimagic solution

The Cunningham Library's information challenge was met with a customised version of our TIMS Library Management System, which included the following features. 


TIMS uses single-sign-on technology, so once Acer staff have logged onto their PCs in the morning, they can go to their TIMS OPAC personal pages at any time during the day to see and renew any items that they may have on loan, without the need to log in again. From their personal OPAC pages Acer staff can also set up their own subject and journal profiles, so that they receive an email from TIMS's Profiler alerting system each time a new item arrives on their favourite subject or the latest issue of their favourite journal is checked in. In addition, OPAC users can set up their own RSS feeds to keep them informed of new arrivals and send in research requests, which are stored in a separate TIMS database for easy access and analysis by library staff.


The Cunningham Library's workflows are centred around their ordering procedures, and this needed to be reflected in TIMS. The browser-based flexibility of TIMS meant that the system's webpages could readily be customised to enable new catalogue and holdings record(s) to be created from within the Orders module, while links to the Catalogue and Holdings modules were provided on Orders display pages.


TIMS's Barloan Plus circulation module gave the library the loans functionality it required, as well as active and historical loans reporting. Furthermore, email alerts are sent by Profiler to warn staff when their loans are due for return, and the email contains links enabling staff to renew online.


When off-site, Acer staff use Eduserv's Athens Access Management System to access online electronic resources remotely and securely with a single username and password via their MyAthens portal. TIMS' open architecture, and its ability to accept bona fide credentials passed from external sources, made it possible for it to become one of these electronic resources.




Drug and Alcohol Health Services Library – a hosted TIMS 9 solution


The information challenge

Part of the Sydney South West Area Health Service, the Drug and Alcohol Health Services Library (DAHSL) is a state wide library and information service open to professionals in NSW working with drug and alcohol issues. DAHSL supports the clinical, research, and educational needs of these professionals by providing them with access to a broad range of quality evidence based resources.


The DAHSL website had always provided a focus for health professionals wanting these resources, but pages were static and there was no real-time, interactive access to DAHSL’s catalogue database. Furthermore, IT resources within the Health Service were severely stretched, and an externally-hosted solution was required.


The Trimagic solution

DAHSL’s TIMS 9 library management system is now hosted on a Trimagic Data Centre (TDC) server operating out of a secure Class 1 site in Sydney. The TDC is designed specifically to help organisations such as DAHSL avoid many of the larger expenses associated with buying, implementing and managing high-end business applications and their infrastructure requirements.


The TDC solution overcame DAHSL’s computer infrastructure problems by providing the librarian with all the functionality that she needed at the end of a secure, password protected connection. Creating and editing records, spellchecking, loans and returns, and all other day to day library system tasks, are carried out using a browser from any Library PC.


The TIMS 9 OPAC now provides the library’s website visitors with the level of interaction they require. OPAC users, for example, can carry out multiple searches and add items of interest to the catalogue InfoBasket as they find them. Once they have the items they need in their basket, they can send an email from the basket to the library requesting the items. Alternatively, they can print a list of the items to PDF in catalogue format. Users can also send in their own research requests, which are submitted and stored in TIMS’ Research database for subsequent retrieval and analysis by the librarian.




Australian professional association - secure access to TIMS library management system


The information challenge 

A professional association wanted to widen access to its membership library services. It was providing library services to its NSW membership, but wanted to provide a national service.


The association already had its own members' portal, but needed to ensure that only bona fide members could access the library's resources and services. Furthermore, membership status would determine the library services to which a member was entitled.


The Trimagic solution

With membership status determining entitlement to library services, pertinent details from the membership database needed to be queried automatically each time a member logged on to the library system. Trimagic achieved this by developing the association's already installed TIMS library management system and building a gateway to pass through member details.


With these security technologies in place, library staff can now provide a secure, national service to the association's membership. Library staff are also automatically alerted by email each time a request arrives from a member.




International banking group - customised subscriptions management system 


The information challenge

A UK-based international banking group was having difficulty managing and reporting on the wide range of electronic journal subscriptions and research services for which it was paying millions of dollars. Payments for these subscriptions and research services needed to be co-ordinated globally to ensure that duplication and overpayments were not occurring.


Also, local currency rates were crucial to ensure that costs could be converted. Both individual users and cost centres needed to know who had bona fide access to which journals and research services, and all usage needed to be tracked. Access to internal IT resources was proving to be a problem and expensive. They needed an urgent solution.


The Trimagic solution

Distance was no object, and within a month, the bank was using our Subscription Management and Research Tool (SMART) hosted at the Trimagic Data Centre in Sydney. This gave world-wide access to a custom-built subscription management system to users in Europe, Japan, Netherlands, USA and Australia within a secure (it’s a bank after all!) environment.


Comprehensive reporting features allow information managers to log efficiently and effectively subscription and research behaviour and provide the business with accurate statistical data. 



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