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Trimagic has always provided its clients with solutions that not only meet their current information management needs, but also have the flexibility and ease of use to develop in line with constantly changing organisational requirements. In addition, we constantly work with clients to incorporate our own solutions with existing solutions operating at the organisational level.


Now Trimagic All-in-1 adds significantly to this activity through the seamless integration of our library and information management solutions with Inmagic’s Presto Social Knowledge Network platform. This means that TIMS and TRAKS systems, with all their inbuilt features such as Profiler email alerts and the Barloan Plus lending system, as well as many other Trimagic plugins, are searchable from a single search box on the Presto homepage.


But that’s only the start, as Presto will also search your network for documents, PDFs and images, etc., and include these in the search results. Presto can also use your search terms to carry out federated searching, for example, on electronic journals provided online by subscription services such as EBSCO, and make your databases available for indexing by the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo), making content more likely to be found by users.


Mobile website capability means that users can access content from most mobile devices including Apple iPhones and iPads, Windows phones and tablets, and Android phones and tablets.


Other features provided by a Trimagic All-in-1 solution include:


  • Faceted searching.
  • Customisable homepages that can include links to new content, featured collections, RSS feeds, blogs, and a slideshow of database images or PDF thumbnails.
  • Ability to assign different homepages and permissions to different groups of user.
  • Content rating and tagging.
  • Index browsing enabling searchers to view database field values before searching, thereby eliminating guesswork and helping them to find the information they need.
  • Search strategies can be saved for re-use at a later time (these searches can be shared with others or kept private).
  • Ability to search across all content types, or limit searches to specific types.


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If you would like more information on Trimagic All-in-1, or a demonstration, please contact us on +61 (0)2 6550 1175, or complete our Information Request Form.

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