Trimagic has a wide range of products, starting from simple software plug-ins right the way through to fully-featured, ready to go, library, records and document management systems.


Our flagship products include the Trimagic Information Management System (TIMS), a library management system that has evolved in direct response to market requirements since 1984, the Trimagic Records and Knowledge Management System (TRAKS) and iServer, a browser-based EDMS designed with the end-user in mind to encourage 100% participation in the document management process.


Our value-added products and software plug-ins are available separately. They can be incorporated into any DB/Text Web Publisher Pro based system. 


Both TIMS and TRAKS are built upon the tried and trusted Inmagic products platform. Inmagic software is designed and manufactured by Inmagic, Inc. in Boston, MASS, USA. Inmagic has been a leader in information management since 1982. Trimagic is proud to have represented Inmagic as an authorised Australasian dealer since 1984.


Trimagic value-added products

Profiler and Barloan Plus can be incorporated into any DB/Text Web Publisher Pro based system or any other ODBC-compliant database.



Trimagic’s innovative Profiler delivers database content directly to information centre staff and customers via email alerts. This means that you and your customers are informed about new item arrivals, record updates, news and events, etc. immediately, rather than having to perform time-consuming and repetitive search and retrieval tasks.


Information managers can create a profile for each user or workgroup, specifying their information requirements and search criteria. Profiler then searches the nominated database(s) and provides the latest relevant data to the end user automatically, via an email alert.


Barloan Plus

Barloan Plus is Trimagic’s software for tracking the movement of physical resources. It connects to any DB/Text Works

database using an ODBC driver to process your loans and returns quickly and effectively, streamlining the lending process.


Barloan Plus is simple and easy-to-use, and can be set up so that information centre staff retain responsibility for lending, or so that can borrowers process their own loans via a customer interface on a stand-alone PC. Stocktaking is also supported through the uploading of files from handheld scanners.


Barloan Plus is available as a browser-based or Windows application.


Trimagic software plug-ins

The following plug-ins can be incorporated into any DB/Text Web Publisher Pro based system.


Search as you type

Just like Google and iTunes, this enables the user to see the contents of database fields as they type their search terms. Watch an online demo.


Spell check

Any data entry or edit form can have its content checked with an online customised dictionary. Watch an online demo.


Integrated calendars

Add a pop-up calendar on any searching and data entry screens. Watch an online demo.


File uploader

An easy way to upload files such as images, PDFs and documents to a server and link them to database records for easy end-user access. Watch an online demo.


Information Basket

Enable your users to save their search results in a basket so that items can be requested, item lists printed or searches saved for future use. Watch an online demo.


Easy RSS

An easy way to enable users to subscribe to your content using RSS. Watch an online demo.


BookWhere integration

Create catalogue records directly from catalogue record data downloaded from BookWhere Online. Watch an online demo.


Image compressor

Deliver thumbnails of large images fast and on-the-fly, removing the need to scan and store thumbnails along with the full-size images. Watch an online demo.


Inmagic products

The following Inmagic products are available from us:


DB/Text Works 

Inmagic’s DB/Text Works is a special combination of database and text retrieval software that enables you to build your own networked and standalone textbases to manage diverse types of information including documents, images, and multimedia. DB/Text Works’ unrivalled flexibility as a database design and development tool will enable you to build a scaleable information management solution that can evolve in line with your developing organisational requirements.  


The DB/Text platform provides a robust environment for building standalone, networked and or web-enabled databases. It is built on a proprietary database store in a file sharing environment. Used by thousands of organisations all over the world, the DB/Text platform is a great option for organisations with little or no IT support. For organisations preferring a Microsoft SQL platform, Inmagic Content Server delivers the same superior functionality as the DB/Text Works platform. 


DB/Text Web Publisher Pro 

Inmagic’s DB/Text Web Publisher Pro allows you to make any textbase built in DB/Text Works available for browser access via your intranet or over the internet. DB/Text Works’ WYSIWYG form design means that you do not need sophisticated knowledge of HTML and XML to design query screens and forms for intranet/internet access. As a result, even non-technical users can easily publish their Inmagic textbases to the web. 


Contact us

If you would like more information on any Trimagic or Inmagic products, please contact us on +61 (0)2 6550 1175 or complete our Information Request Form. You can also download a DB/Text Works or Web Publisher Pro product brochure from the Inmagic website.

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