Trimagic software plug-ins

01 July 2015

The following plug-ins can be incorporated into any DB/Text Web Publisher Pro based system.



The Dashboard displays the current status of workflows such as active loans, overdues, research requests, etc., as well as historical and current system statistics. Where applicable, clicking the Dashboard button will take you to a list of records from where you can initiate appropriate workflows. Both the Dashboard and the display forms containing records are customisable by the information manager.



The customisable Calendar displays date-critical information on activities such as due dates, subscription renewals, events, etc. In fact, records from any DB/TextWorks database can be displayed in the calendar based on appropriate date criteria. As with the Dashboard, Calendar items appear as links that take you to the record from where you can edit or initiate appropriate workflows.


Search as you type

Just like Google and iTunes, this enables the user to see the contents of database fields as they type their search terms. 


Spell check

Any data entry or edit form can have its content checked with an online customised dictionary.


Integrated calendars

Add a pop-up calendar on any searching and data entry screens.


File uploader

An easy way to upload files such as images, PDFs and documents to a server and link them to database records for easy end-user access.


Information Basket

Enable your users to save their search results in a basket so that items can be requested, item lists printed or searches saved for future use.


Easy RSS

An easy way to enable users to subscribe to your content using RSS.


BookWhere integration

Create catalogue records directly from catalogue record data downloaded from BookWhere Online.


Image compressor

Deliver thumbnails of large images fast and on-the-fly, removing the need to scan and store thumbnails along with the full-size images.


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