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Web Publisher Pro and JavaScript

By Trimagic Technical Team
01 January 2015 01:00:00

JavaScript allows you to interact dynamically with the HTML and CSS in your web pages. You can add functionality such as:

  • form validation
  • popup boxes for prompts, confirms and alerts
  • browser type detection
  • conditional statements.


In other words, you can add funtionality to your query screens and forms that is not available to you using only Web Publisher Pro. In Query Screen Designer, for example, you can add JavaScript to query boxes, and in Form Designer you can add JavaScript to form boxes and in the Advanced Options screen of the HTML tab of Form Properties.


The best place to start to learn JavaScript is W3Schools' JavaScript Tutorial. This tutorial contains more than 100 examples, and includes an online editor, allowing you to edit JavaScript code, and click a button to view the result.

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