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Selecting report forms in Web Publisher Pro query screens

By Trimagic Technical Team
01 January 2015 01:00:00

To enable your users to select a report form from a drop-down menu: 


1. Open the query screen in Query Screen Designer.

2. Add a Text Box to the bottom of the query screen.

3. Enter the following HTML code as text into the Text Box:


Select Report Format:


4. In the Text Box's 'HTML' tab, set the 'Treat text as' to 'Raw HTML'.

5. Click 'Apply' then 'Close'.

6. Right-click the query screen and choose 'Screen Properties.

7. Select the 'HTML' tab and set the 'Initial Report Form' to be the same as the
    report that you have included at the top of the list in your HTML.
    (In this example it will be 'WebDisplayTable'.)


8. Click 'OK' to close 'Screen Properties'.

9. Save the query screen, then export it to HTML as normal.


Your user will now be able to select the report form in which to display their search results.


Note: in the HTML above, the option 'value' is the name of the report form, while adding 'selected="selected"' to an option determines the report that will be displayed as the default option in the drop-down menu (in the example, it will be 'Table').


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