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Slimlib OPAC

18 June 2010

The best way to make your DB/Text Works library catalogue easily and widely available is with a browser-based OPAC accessible via the internet. But what if you don’t have Web Publisher Pro or the necessary IT infrastructure?


The solution is Trimagic’s Slimlib OPAC.


Slimlib OPAC is a read-only copy of your library catalogue hosted at the Trimagic Data Centre (TDC). Instead of being managed in-house, your catalogue sits at the other end of a secure connection in the TDC, and can be accessed using a browser from anywhere in the world.

The TDC is operated out of two Class 1 sites in Sydney, which have been accredited with the highest level of security. Your Slimlib OPAC is fully backed up and IT managed, minimising your own IT expenses and dependencies.


If you would like a Slimlib OPAC demonstration, please contact us on +61 (0)2 94985461, or complete our Information Request Form. You can also download a Slimlib OPAC product brochure.

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