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Trimagic® has been delivering world-class information management solutions to thousands of Australian and international businesses since 1984. (See client list.) Our powerful applications are built on ‘best of breed’ technologies, including the highly regarded Inmagic product platform.


Trimagic is proud to have represented Inmagic as an authorised Australasian dealer since 1984. The experience that Trimagic has gained over the years has led to the development of a team of Inmagic technicians that are the most advanced and knowledgeable in Australasia and the southern hemisphere. This wealth of knowledge and experience has enabled Trimagic to develop a value-added product range to enhance any Inmagic-based solution. These products and solutions clearly demonstrate our superior level of technical knowledge.


Trimagic solutions, however, are not limited to the Inmagic platform.  A Microsoft® Partner, Trimagic has extensive experience of working with all the standard networking and web technologies, and can call upon its established IT business partners with expertise in areas including systems security, backup and disaster recovery, custom application development, data integration, hand-held and portable barcode scanners and hardcopy scanning services.


In short, there is a Trimagic solution for information centres of all types and sizes, ranging from single desktop applications through to powerful fully-integrated intranet/internet systems serving large multinational corporations. Furthermore, our solutions are scalable, and we work closely with our clients to give them the skills they need to take control of their systems so that they can evolve them without incurring heavy on-going development costs.


So, whatever your information management needs, call us now to see how our unrivalled blend of technical knowledge and information management expertise can help you.


Trimagic is 100% Australian owned and operated.


Contact Details

Telephone: +61 (0)2 6550 1175


Fax. +61 (0)2 8072 0637


Email: trimagic@trimagic.com.au


Postal address:


Trimagic Pty Ltd

Level 14, 275 Alfred Street

North Sydney NSW 2060



ABN: 58 167 898 106

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